EDP445 Has Avoided Charges After Being Caught Trying To Meet Up With 13-Year Old; Releases “I’m Back” Video

A few weeks ago, social media went into a frenzy, after a group of vigilante’s set up an amateur sting operation, and appeared to catch Eagles fan – EDP445 – one of the most popular YouTuber’s – attempting to meet up with a 13-year-old girl.

According to MTO News, police are now planning to arrest EDP, because of “alleged problems with the sting.”

Now while MTO News isn’t a credible news organization, it sure seems like what they are saying is pretty much confirmed considering EDP445 released this video via his Facebook page, basically acknowledging that he won’t be facing any legal trouble and proclaiming that he’s back:

In a separate video, EDP also announced that he’s launching his own website after his YouTube channel was deleted.