Florida Man Arrested After Attacking Friends And Wife During “Heated Argument” Over Tom Brady

Whenever you see a headline that starts with “Florida man”, you know some wild stuff went down.

In this particular instance, a 33-year old Florida man found himself in handcuffs after he allegedly became enraged during a “heated argument” about Tom Brady and decided to attack his friends and family.

The 33-year-old Brian Paulter was charged with domestic battery.

“A heated argument regarding Tom Brady began and [Paulter] became enraged,” the court document states.


As he and his friends were heading home in St. Petersburg after a day of drinking, the fight turned “physical” and Paulter allegedly hit his male friend several times in the face, causing visible injuries and a lot of blood, cops said. Paulter then allegedly became “combative” with his friend’s wife, along with his own — who fell and hit her head on the kitchen counter. His wife was left with a big bruise on her forehead and a “large laceration.”

The friend refused to press charges against Paulter, WFLA reports. Police said the injured victim was uncooperative, but the other woman involved provided a statement detailing the alleged incident.

Everyone involved, including Paulter, were intoxicated at the time, police said. A large amount of blood was found on the kitchen floor and officers said it was mostly cleaned up before they arrived.

Paulter was taken into custody and released the same day. It is not currently known exactly what about Brady got him so upset.

The 43-year-old quarterback left the New England Patriots and earned his seventh Super Bowl win when the Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this year.