REPORT: Ravens Ban Media From Filming Lamar Jackson Throwing The Ball During Practice

Lamar Jackson has become a star in the NFL over his first three seasons and has the 24-year-old enters his fourth season in the NFL, Jackson is expected to take another big step in his development. However, it seems like the team doesn’t ant people to see their quarterback work on taking that big step.

Jamison Hensely of ESPN revealed on Twitter that the media is apparently banned from filming Jackson throwing to receivers during practice.

It should be noted that this alleged ban has not been publicly announced by the Ravens.

During his last media session of mandatory minicamp, Jackson discussed how important it is to him and his teammates that strides are made toward improving the deep passing game.

“We’ve been working, not just me, all the QBs and receivers, we’ve been getting together and trying to make that a big emphasis for us this year,” he said. “People always saying we throw short, intermediate routes and stuff like that, little 5-yard, 10-yard routes. We had some chances last year, we hit some of ’em but we’re just trying to be more consistent this year. That’s where the strides happen, it starts in practice and hopefully it transitions to the game. Just gotta keep working on it.”

The 2019 MVP went 11-4 as a starter last year and recorded his first playoff victory with a Wildcard win over the Tennessee Titans.

His MVP campaign saw Jackson complete 17 of his 50 pass attempts of 20-plus yards for 584 yards and eight touchdowns while throwing two interceptions. In 2020, he went 16-of-46 on such throws for 539 yards and five TDs to go with three picks.