Odell Beckham Jr. Calls For Boycott Of Olympics Unless Sha’Carri Richardson Can Run

The fastest woman alive won’t be running the top track & field event at the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

Sha’Carri caught the world’s attention due the Olympic trials last month running a blazing 100M sprint and punching her ticket to Tokyo and almost a guaranteed gold medal – until her drug test came back.

The 21-year-old was found to have marijuana in her system following an Olympics-issued pre-trails drug test. The positive test has resulted in a 30-day suspension, which won’t allow Richardson to run the 100M event.

Richardson noted that she was aware of the rule banning recreational drugs, but due to the death of her mother made the decision to attempt to ease her pain through the use of marijuana.

Following the news, the sports world reacted with astoundment, with some of the biggest figures calling for the Olympic committee to overturn the suspension and allow her to run.

One of those stars was Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr, who even said he would boycott the games unless she was given the opportunity to run the 100M.