Eagles Fans Got Their HeartBroken Trying To Get Deshaun Watson Info From NFL Insider At Airport

Deshaun Watson is currently in the midst of legal battle after being accused of 22 different sexual assault lawsuits, but despite the legal trouble, teams are still trying to trade for him.

While the Texans weren’t too keen on trading the star, they have since softened their stance, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer. The Eagles, in the wake of the Carson Wentz debacle, surfaced as one of the teams around the league with an interest in trading for Watson as their next franchise QB:

Following Glazer’s report, fans of the Eagles saw the NFL Insider at the airport and they both got their hearts broken:

It sure seems like the Miami Dolphins remain the favorite to land Deshaun Watson and has Glazer reiterated on Twitter, the ball is in Houston’s court: