John Harbaugh Fires Back At Vic Fangio Over Criticism Of Late Game Run To Secure Record

John Harbaugh was not the most liked man in Denver after he elected to go for a late game run to secure a streak despite the game’s results already being settled.

On Monday, Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio called out the Ravens head coach for running the ball late rather than taking a knee in victory formation.

“Yeah I thought it was kind of bull— but I expected it from them. Thirty-seven years in pro ball and I’ve never seen anything like that. But it was to be expected and we expected it,” Fangio told reporters. “I just know how they operate. That’s just their mode of operation there. Player safety is secondary.”

Harbaugh decided to respond to criticism and he did not hold back.

“Throwing the ball in the end zone with 10 seconds left, I don’t know if that’s there’s a 16-point touchdown that’s going to be possible right there,” Harbaugh told reporters.

With the Ravens leading by 16 points, Fangio called three timeouts within the final 30 seconds to give his offense a chance to score a meaningless touchdown.

Harbaugh explained his decision Sunday after the game, saying the record means something to his players and coaches.

The Ravens needed three yards to reach 100 with just three seconds to go in the blowout game. They got five after Harbaugh called an outside run with quarterback Lamar Jackson. Baltimore has now rushed for 100 yards in 43 straight games, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers’ record from 1974-77.