The Washington Football Team Can’t Even Get Sean Taylor’s Jersey Retirement Right

The Washington Football Team has screwed up in just about every way possible in recent years, but how could they possibly do wrong retiring the jersey of one of the most universally beloved players in NFL history? Well, it’s the Washington Football team after all.

The team announced Thursday that they would be retiring the ’21’ jersey of the late Sean Taylor Sunday during the team’s game against the Chiefs. Yes, the team waiting literally 72 hours to announce something their fans have been clamoring for for years.

The team received massive backlash on social media, with fans who wanted to attend the event unable to get tickets to the game due to the late notice.

Not only were fans upset about the timing of the announcement, but the ceremony screams ploy to break the dark cloud that is looming over their franchise due to a NFL investigation into workplace conduct, the same probe that turned up emails that forced the resignation of Raiders head coach John Gruden. The team also has placed multiple employees on administrative leave due to amid a DEA investigation.

The timing was so wrong that Washington issued a statement apologizing to fans, insisting this wasn’t a result of trying to distract from the bad press.

“We apologize to fans who would have liked more notice and will continue to share with fans ways we will be celebrating Sean Taylor’s legacy over the next month.

We have been planning this weekend’s tribute to Sean Taylor since before the start of the season in partnership with Sean Taylor’s family and as part of our Alumni weekend activities,” the statement read. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to rededicate Sean Taylor Road with Sean Taylor’s friends, family and team alumni and are excited to officially retire his jersey during the game with our fans and alumni present as part of our Alumni Homecoming Weekend activities.”

Washington takes on Kanas City this Sunday at 1pm EST.