Colin Kaepernick Says He’s Staying Ready For NFL Comeback, Up At 5am To Train 6 Days A Week

The topic of racial oppression is back in the news in regard to the NFL with the incident involving Jon Gruden, and with that Colin Kaepernick usually follows.

The chance of Kaepernick making an NFL comeback after four years out of the league is slim, but that’s not keeping him from staying ready. The former NFL signal caller is reportedly up at 5am to train six days a week “prepared to take a team to a Super Bowl again.”

In an interview with EBONY Magazine, Kaepernick added “It’s not something I will ever let go of, regardless of the actions of 32 teams and their partners to deny me employment, the same way I was persistent in high school is the same way I’m gonna be persistent here.”

Kapernick can be found on the latest cover for EBONY.