Darnell Savage Takes Shot At Rams Player For Reckless Hit During Onside Kick

Darnell Savage really is a savage.

Late in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s 36-28 Packers victory over the Rams, Savage was lined up on special teams to help field an onside kick. Savage was essentially a bystander as the ball was recovered by Packers teammate Adrian Amos. But that did not stop Rams linebacker Christian Rozeboom from lowering his helmet and catching Savage with a helmet-to-helmet hit:

The Packers safety remained down on the field for several minutes but eventually was able to walk off on his own. After the game, Savage tweeted that he was alright and also took a shot at Rozeboom:

Surprisingly, Rozeboom did not draw a penalty for the egregious hit.