Brian Kelly Once Invited Matt LaFleur And Robert Salah To A Party Just To Have Them Shovel Snow And Park Cars

On Monday, news broke that Brian Kelly would be leaving Notre Dame to become the head coach of LSU.

Kelly met with his players for just a few minutes on Tuesday morning during a meeting he had to setup because his players found out he was leaving on social media. He refused to take any questions and immediately left the university’s football facility.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only unflattering story about Kelly that’s floating around on social media.

Current New York Jets head coach Robert Salah told a story about being a graduate assistant under Kelly at Central Michigan. According to Salah, he and current Green Bay packers head coach Matt LaFleur thought they were being invited to a party at Kelly’s house.

Instead, Kelly made them shovel the driveway and then retrieve cars for those on the guest list:

Yeah, Brian Kelly is kind of an a** hole.