REPORT: “Talks” Of Assistant Coaches Walking Out On Jaguars Led To Firing Of Urban Meyer

The Jacksonville Jaguars had no choice but to fire head coach Urban Meyer after just 13 games with the team.

The entire situation was becoming so toxic with players and coaches revolting on Meyer, leaking stories to the media about just how bad things had gotten in Jacksonville.

The team owner Shad Khan was probably going to fire Meyer eventually – like after the season – but according to Benjamin Albright, Khan’s hand was forced when there were reportedly Jags coaching talking about a mass “exodus/walk out” after the season with many assistant coaches already secretly lining up other jobs:

Man, these guys really hated Urban.

Following the firing of Meyer, team owner Shad Khan released a statement naming offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as the interim coach for the remainder of the season.

The Jaguars currently sit at 2-11.