Jackson Mahomes Gets Blasted On Social Media With Epic Post By Kansas City Bar

Jackson Mahomes is developing a reputation for being unlikable everywhere around the league, and it might be a problem when it’s coming from close to home where his brother is the city’s golden boy.

Jackson has been called out numerous times for things he’s done at games including pouring water on an opposing fan, dancing atop of Sean Taylor’s memorial to film a TikTok, and now he’s pissed others off, this time a local Kansas City bar.

SOT Cocktail Bar was visited by Mahomes and a large party this week, to which he was turned away due to capacity restrictions. Mahomes proceeded to call out the bar on social media to his millions of followers. The bar responded with a post of their own, sarcastically apologizing to Jackson, and it’s incredible.

The bar has since (unnecessarily) issued two apologies for their decision to post the open letter. We think they’ll be just fine with the influx of business that’s about to occur for them.