Cowboys Fans Throw Trash Onto The Field As Players Were Leaving Field After Playoff Loss

Dallas Cowboys fans are pissed.

The Cowboys suffered yet another embarrassing playoff loss on Sunday, losing 23-17 to the 49ers at AT&T Stadium. The stadium was filled with self inflicted wounds by the Cowboys, including 14 penalties for 89 yards.

But despite all that, the Cowboys had the ball late in the 4th quarter to win the game. With 14 seconds remaining in the game and the ball at the San Francisco 41-yard line, the Cowboys inexcusably ran a shotgun draw and the Cowboys weren’t able to get back to the line and spike the ball, running the clock out.

As Cowboys players were leaving the field, a clip posted by NFL Network’s Jane Slater shows angry fans throwing stuff onto the field:


Whether it was at Cowboys players or referees, this was totally uncalled for.