Restaurant Adds ‘Eli Apple Special’ To Menu Complete With Burnt Toast & Sliced Apples

Eli Apple isn’t even safe off of social media.

The cornerback spent the entire postseason tweeting out at teams, fans and cities, basically pissing as many people as possible. Come the Super Bowl, social media was waiting for Apple to slip up to return the favor, and it happened in the greatest ways of possible – giving up the championship-losing touchdown.

Not only did fans come out of the woodwork in droves to flame the cornerback, players around the league, even including stars like Lamar Jackson and Tyreek Hill threw jabs at him.

Beyond Twitter, one Maryland restaurant decided to have some fun. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood decided to add a special to their menu, which included two pieces of burnt toast, apple slices and some fries.

Bet it’s even more delicious for Rams fans.