Eli Apple Breaks Silence After Getting Trolled By Fans And NFL Players For Awful Super Bowl Performance

Eli Apple was pumping out his chest quiet a bit a few weeks ago but it all came crashing down on him after a disastrous Super Bowl performance where he gave up two touchdowns to Cooper Kupp including the game-winning catch late in the 4th quarter.

Following the Super Bowl loss, Apple was trolled by various players from teams including from his former team, the New Orleans Saints and divisional-rival Ravens. He also saw jabs come his way from the Kansas City Chiefs’ receivers.

But on Thursday, Apple broke his silence, vowing to to ‘unleash the demon’ next season:

Apple — who was drafted 10th overall by the Giants in 2016 — became the only player to allow multiple passing touchdowns as the primary defender over the past four Super Bowls, according to NFL on CBS: