Matthew Stafford, His Wife And Rams To Pay For Photographer Kelly Smiley’s Medical Expenses

The Los Angeles Rams celebrated their Super Bowl win on Wednesday, but unfortunately, the festivities resulted in a serious injury for photographer Kelly Smiley.

Smiley was standing on the stage at the end of the Rams’ parade when she suddenly fell from the stage, which resulted in her suffering a fractured spine. Matt Safford saw Smiley fall and quickly turned away, having his wife Kelly to attend to the injured person.

The entire situation was captured on social media which resulted in Stafford being widely criticized for walking away from Smiley, but the Rams and the Stafford family have been in contact with Smiley and have offered to cover her medical expenses and equipment expenses.

Smiley’s photography gear was also damaged when she fell from the stage.


“We have been in communication with Kelly Smiley … and we are sorry for what happened,” reported Bleacher Report.

Video of the fall and Matthew Stafford’s reaction made the rounds on social media. Stafford sees Smiley fall in front of him, mouths, “Oh my God,” and turns and walks away. It should be noted that Stafford and fellow Rams players had been drinking all afternoon, which could have influenced his decision-making skills and ability to accurately register how serious Smiley’s fall was at the time.

The offer from the Rams and the Stafford family clearly indicates that although Matthew turned around at the wrong moment, the Staffords and the team want to help and support Smiley through what must be an extremely difficult time.