Washington Commanders Change Logo Less Than A Month After Release Following Fan Backlash

If you wanted to understand how incompetent the Washington Commanders franchise is, they spent two years crafting up a new identity and couldn’t even get it right the first time.

Formerly the Redskins turned Football Team, the Commanders debuted their new branding on February 2nd, showcasing new uniforms and new logos, including a crest that displayed the years in which the franchise won Super Bowls.

Only problem? The team used the year the Super Bowl was won, not the year the team spent the entire season playing to get to the Super Bowl in the following year.

Thought technically, the team did win the Super Bowls in the years listed, it’s widely accepted that the year that designates the titles is the year in which the season started if it’s not displayed with both years.


After persistent fan backlash, the team announced Tuesday that they have changed the logo in order to reflect their wishes.