Kyle Rittenhouse Announces That He’s Suing LeBron James For Defaming Him

Kyle Rittenhouse got acquitted on double homicide charges to the dismay of masses of people including celebrities like LeBron James – and the 19-year-old is coming after them for it.

Video of Rittenhouse appearing to force himself to cry during his testimony of his trial went viral last August, and LeBron James tweeted out of the video, poking fun at Rittenhouse for the act.

Rittenhouse announced that he and his legal team are filing numerous lawsuits against LeBron, President Joe Bide, Woopi Goldberg and CNN among a long list of anyone who called him a murder or white supremacist.

Ironically enough, Rittenhouse appeared on TV after his trial and said “F–k you, LeBron”. Perhaps Rittenhouse will be seeing some papers in return if he goes through with a suit.