Sean McVay Turned Down Possible Nine-Figure Contract From Amazon To Stay Coaching Rams

Sean McVay’s heart is in coaching for the time being, and the money proves it.

The young, hot shot coaching phenom turned captured his first Lombardi Trophy earlier this month, beating the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI.

The day before the game, reports that McVay may step away from coaching swirled, but were quickly shot down by those around the coach. Whether the rumors led to interest from networks or the networks’ interest led to the rumors is unknown – but what we do know is Tv was tossing around huge numbers in attempt to lure McVay away from the sidelines and into the booth.

Amazon, who is aligning themselves to become one of biggest players in football (yes that company that was started to sell books), reportedly was the biggest player and was set to meet with McVay next week to propose a contract. According to Andrew Marchand, that figure could have been in the nine figure range.