Gronk’s Agent Says He Wouldn’t Be Surprised If He Un-Retires Again This Season Or Next To Rejoin Brady

Gronk the modern-day Brett Favre?

The legendary tight end called it quits in 2020 after battling nagging injuries and wrapping up a Hall of Fame career as one of the best to ever do it, but was nudged out of his recliner by his good ole friend Tom Brady to join him down in Florida.

After two seasons and one additional ring, Gronk announced Tuesday that he’s hanging them up again, this time seemingly for good – that was until Drew Rosenhaus, Gronk’s agent, noted that he wouldn’t be surprised in Gronk once again gets that itch to get back out there for one last go if Brady gives him another call.

Judging that Gronk is the type of guy who does whatever he can to avoid training camp drills, this retirement will likely end in a month jussst before Week 1.