Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Had ‘Deal’ In Place To Come To Raiders But Jon Gruden ‘Blew It Up’

Dana White attempted to play GM of the Las Vegas Raiders and bring Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to the Raiders, but Jon Gruden had other plans.

During Gronk’s alternate broadcast of UFC 278, White says he had a deal in place for Brady and Gronk to play for the Raiders, but Gruden “blew it up” at the last minute.

“I’m the one… I worked to put that deal together for Brady and Gronk to come to the Raiders and it was almost a done deal. And at the last minute, Gruden blew the deal up and said that he didn’t want him and all hell broke loose man. It was crazy, and Brady was already looking at houses and it wasn’t being said yet that Gronk was coming. So, Las Vegas would have had Brady and Gronk the year that the Bucs won the Super Bowl, except Gruden blew the deal up.”

Mark this down as one of the biggest ‘what ifs’ in NFL history. Gruden had his chance but said no. 

Maybe Dana White has a future in the NFL. He certainly understands the business a bit.