Reporter Apologizes For Insensitive Comment About Dwayne Haskins When Discussing Mason Rudolph

Pittsburgh Steelers fans have been going crazy online after a reporter sent out an incredibly insensitive tweet about their QB situation.

TribLIVE reporter Chris Adamski tweeted that Mason Rudolph ended the 2021 season as the backup quarterback and that in the offseason “The only other QBs the Steelers had retired and died.”

After a major backlash online from what he said, he would soon get back on Twitter and issue an apology. He apologized for disrespecting Haskins and his family.

“I referenced 2021 Steelers QBs in a tweet. It’s obvious I used a poor choice of words. I apologize. I’m sorry it hurt people. I didn’t want to act as if Dwayne Haskins didn’t exist. He did – and by all indications he was a warm person people were drawn to and enjoyed being around


It’s gut-wrenching I disrespected the deceased and his family.”

Dwayne Haskins was a first-round pick by Washington in 2019 and had just finished upo his third year in the league before his life unexpectedly came to an end.