Congress Sends Letter To Miami Dolphins And NFL Regarding Handling Of Tua Tagovailoa’s Concussion

Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Many people around the country have voiced their frustrations with the NFL and the Miami Dolphins after Too Tagovailoa’s scary-looking head injury during Thursday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but the situation has now caught the attention of a key member of the United States Congress.

Bill Pascrell, who’s a representative of the 9th District of New Jersey in the House of Representatives and the head of Congress’s Brain Injury Task Force, took to social media to ask how Tagovailoa was cleared to play on Thursday.

Pascrell revealed in his tweet that he has written a detailed letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that “demanded answers” on the situation.

“Today I’ve written to NFL commish Roger Goodell and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross demanding answers about the concussion to Tua days after he had another injury. As head of Congress’s Brain Injury Task Force I want to know how the hell he was on the field last night,” wrote Pascrell.

The letter mostly details the seemingly lenient protocol from the NFL during the four-day timespan between the Dolphins’ game against the Bills and their matchup on Thursday against the Bengals.

The final message from Pascrell is perhaps the most impactful, reading “The moment demands answers and action.”

It appears that the NFL and the NFLPA have heard this message loud and clear, as they have come to an agreement on a revised change to the current concussion protocol.