Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie Says He Was Temporarily Paralyzed and ‘Couldn’t Move’ After Suffering Concussion vs Ravens

This past Sunday, wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie took a brutal shot in the game against the Baltimore Ravens and it would force him to miss the remainder of the game.

While the Buffalo Bills WR remains in concussion protocol at this moment, he opened up about that hit during an appearance on the Go Long podcast.

He revealed that he was hit so hard that he couldn’t move after it happened.

“I think that was my hardest hit I’ve ever gotten. That was the hardest one. Because I couldn’t move. So that has to be the hardest one,” McKenzie said, via ProFootballTalk.


Despite the hit, McKenzie acknowledged that it’s part of the game.

“It comes with the territory,” McKenzie added. “We choose to play this sport and we know it’s a brutal sport. That’s what happens, and you’ve got to be fine with it. You’ve got to be fine with getting hurt, you’ve got to be fine with getting a concussion, you’ve got to be fine with everything that comes with it. That’s why you sign the contract. So I was fine with it.”

McKenzie was hit by Ravens defensive backs Chuck Clark and Brandon Stephens after a catch. The wideout had four catches for 21 yards and a touchdown before coming out of the game.

The 27-year-old is in his sixth NFL season. He has 15 catches for 153 yards and three touchdowns this year.