The Washington Commanders Are Expected To Sell For A Record-Breaking $7 Billion

The Washington Commanders could be up for sale after Dan Snyder hired Bank of America earlier this week to look into options in selling parts or all of his stake in the franchise.

And Snyder could be due for a ginormous payday.

According to NFL Network, the Commanders are considering all options for a possible sale and there is a belief that he will sell the entire franchise after receiving “considerable” interest. The expectation is that the franchise could go for a record-breaking $7 billion, which would shatter the record for any sports franchise.

The timeline is unknown, but there is potential for a sale to happen sometime early next year around the league meetings in March:


By comparison, the Denver Broncos recently sold for $4.65 billion earlier this year. One of the potential buyers is Amazon found Jeff Bezos, who the league reportedly is hoping is the next team owner.

Dan Snyder has owned the franchise since 1999 and since he took over, the team has had more controversies and embarrassing moments than any success.