NFL Admits Referees Blew A Call On Crucial Play During Vikings-Bills Game

The NFL played it’s ‘Game of the Year’ in Week 10 as the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings went back and fourth in a wild game. The end of the game was pure chaos, as it went to overtime, with the Vikings ultimately coming out on top with the 33-30 win.

However the game wasn’t without controversy. On the final drive of the fourth quarter, Bills WR Gabe Davis dove for a pass from Josh Allen and it was called complete and it put the Bills in field goal range. While Davis did get both his knees down in bounds, he juggled the football and didn’t have clear possession.

Yet, the referees didn’t review it and the Bills called a play.

After the game, Lindsey Jones of the Pro Football Writers of America asked NFL senior Vice President of officiating Walt Anderson why there was no review of the play and Anderson admitted that the officials messed up and the replay official should have called for a stoppage to look at it:


โ€œIt was a significant distance down the field,โ€ said Anderson. โ€œAnd even though it happens fast and Buffalo hurries to the line of scrimmage for the next play, if the replay official canโ€™t confirm it was a catch on that long of a completed pass, we should stop play to ensure it is a catch.โ€

โ€œWe were able โ€” several plays after โ€” to look at all the angles,โ€ said Anderson. It would have been reversed to an incomplete pass because he did not maintain control of the ball after he hit the ground and the ball touched the ground out of bounds.โ€

It was a critical play as it helped the Bills get into field goal range. Three plays later, Tyler Bass kicked a 29-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.

Ultimately, the Vikings were able to orchestrate a 12-play in overtime that ended with Greg Joseph field goal. The Bills managed to go down the field but Josh Allen threw an interception to Patrick Peterson sealing the win for the Vikings.