Social Media Believes 49ers LT Trent Williams Is Tipping Plays Based On How He’s Lining Up Presnap

Is Trent Williams tipping plays based on his stance at the line of scrimmage before the snap?

Some on social media believe so.

Jessie (JNay_LSS) posted two screen shots showing how Trent Williams is tipping plays based on his left foot placement before the snap. Jessie is claiming he ran though all the plays on the All-22 game film and accurately predicted the 49ers play based on how Williams was lined up.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting Williams’ at all and many former players responded to the tweet saying it has little to no impact on the ultimate result of the play.


FOX Sports’ Emmanuel Acho broke it down best:

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard someone point out something like this with Williams. Back in Week 1, Bears rookie defensive end Dominique Robinson said he picked up on a tendency from Williams on tape based on how he would kick his left out during a pass play:

This doesn’t seem to have an impact on the 49ers offense. They are averaging 123.7 yards per game on the ground and 236.3 through the air. Both all well above the league average.

We’ll see if Williams alters his pre-snap stance and motion going forward. The 49ers will travel to Mexico City to take on the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.