Review of Lesbian Vampire Volleyball Players (1982)

Jan LaVoy as crazed psycho vampire cult leader, Stacey

Vampire Lesbian Volleyball Players (1982) is an infamous low budget exploitation horror flick produced by “King of the B’s” exploitation filmmaker Bill Rebane. The movie takes place at a girls’ volleyball camp, where a group of vampiric female celebrities are drugging and hypnotizing female campers to serve as the main course at their eternal feasts.

Before there was ‘The Lost Boys’, there was ‘Lesbian Vampire Volleyball Players’

When one of the campers discovers the sinister secret of their evil plan, she must band together with the other campers to stop the vampires’ devious scheme. The movie stars Rebane regular Jan LaVoy as the camp’s scheming lead vampire and newcomer P.J. Soles as a skeptical camper-turned-heroine.

Featuring corny dialogue, terrible acting, wonderfully tacky effects, and of course, hot make out scenes, Vampire Lesbian Volleyball Players stands as one of the most notorious cult grindhouse films. It’s a cult classic!

Bill Rebane, director of the movie in a cameo as Coach Billy

For those lovers of Bill Rebane movies, you might catch the easter egg of Bill playing Coach Billy in a small cameo. You can’t miss the fake mustache though. Rebane went on to make 2 more LVVP films with Jan LaVoy, and then another 8 without her. Sadly LaVoy would die at the young age of 36 alone in a trailer park after a long struggle with heroin, but here she is in Lesbian Vampire Volleyball Players in her prime at 22.


Not going to lie, as a kid as much as I loved seeing these hot chicks in bikinis, it also was pretty terrifying to see them kill with such reckless abandon. And the film was so ahead of it’s time focusing on women empowerment! They took what they wanted without asking. Eat your heart out, AOC!

Who can forget all the blood, all the gore? Legend has it the crew was so broke they had to use ketchup as blood to get past the censors who thought fake blood was too traumatizing, but killer vampires was okay. Go figure!

little known punk singer Ricki Younger played a version of herself in the steamy shower scene

The steamy lesbian vampire shower scene is of legend, but we can’t show you more of the screen shots here, as they are NSFW. Just know there were 12 college coeds in the scene, and every single one of them get wet. You know, from the shower.

Lasty, here is one of the cool things about this movie I found on ebay!

Now this is something cool. This is the little seen French VHS cover of the movie! Which translated means “Loving Sisters of the Fang Death”. Probably top 5 coolest things I now own. So fierce. So hot.

I hope you enjoyed this review! I hope to bring you more reviews of old cult classics in the future. See ya in a bit! 🙂

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