Bills-Dolphins Game Halted By NFL, Buffalo Fans Warned To Stop Throwing Snowballs At Dolphins Players

If you were watching the Bills-Dolphins game and the coinciding pelting of snowballs onto the field via Bills fans and was wondering if a that was even allowed, we now have our answer.

Despite not having the white-out snow game that we were promised, feet worth of snow dumped on Orchard Park all day Sunday leaving the seats of Highmark Stadium covered in white.

Unable to shovel it out before game time, Bills fans were left at the mercy of alcohol and a rowdy atmosphere and began throwing snowballs at Miami’s players, both on the field during play and on the sideline.

After it soon became apparent that it was going to be a safety issue, the league halted the game and the PA announcer notified the crowd of 72,000 that the Bills would be penalized 15 yards if snowballs continued to come down and a message on the video board warned that fans would be removed and arrested if caught doing so.