Damar Hamlin Has Shown ‘Remarkable Improvement’, Awake & Appears To Be Neurologically Intact

It has been a harrowing 72 hours since Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field during MNF’s Bills-Bengals game, and though there has been pieces of promising news coming out from Hamlin and his family, we have our most promising update yet.

The Buffalo Bills announced that Hamlin has shown ‘remarkable improvement’ in the past 24 hours, and though still ‘critically ill’, is reportedly neurologically intact, a testament to how swift medical treatment was given after the initial injury took place both on the field, and the care he received shortly after at the level 1 trauma center that in University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

His lungs also are making progress toward healing, an update that came after it was told that he was positioned belly-side down in order to receive pressure in his lungs.

Hamlin reportedly opened his eyes Wednesday night and is responsive. According to Ian Rappoport, he has been “gripping the hands” of those close to him in the hospital room.

Another update came from Hamlin’s Bills teammate, Kaiir Elam.

As for the game itself, there is momentum towards not finishing the game, ruling it a ‘no-contest’ and ‘random number generator’ to determine seeding since the game was so pivotal in determining playoff positioning.

Of course the news that Hamlin is doing well trumps all of that.