Video Of Odell Beckham Getting Kicked Off Flight, Cursing At Passengers Released

Odell Beckham is still without a team with the playoffs set, and this likely didn’t help.

The free-agent WR coming off an abbreviated Super Bowl season with the Rams was flying out of Miami on November 27th of last year when he was kicked off his flight.

Beckham, who was reported by flight attendants to be partially unresponsive, inebriated, and even without pants when asked to put his seatbelt on was reported to police by the crew, who by request of that crew, had police remove him from the aircraft.

After being told that if he did not leave on his own it would force the entire plane to be de-boarded, Beckham still refused to leave, causing many understandably disgruntled passengers to exchange a few words with OBJ on their way off the plane, to which Beckham responded in a calm, yet disrespectful manner.


Beckham was eventually taken off the plane with no charges being filed.