Referees From Rams-Seahawks Game Under Scrutiny: “Worst Officiated Game Ever”

The Seattle Seahawks clinched a playoff spot in Week 18 after beating the Los Angeles Rams, 19-16 in overtime and having the Lions knock off the Green Bay Packers later that night.

But it didn’t come without controversy.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, “after multiple controversial officiating decisions” in the game, “multiple executives and coaches” believe the NFL needs to reevaluate how it “chooses and trains it’s officiating staff.”

Schefter added that the Rams, the Lions and the Competition Committee were “frustrated” with the referees. The calls benefited the Seahawks and ultimately impacted the Lions, who needed the Seahawks to lose in order to have a chance to claim the NFC’s final wild-card spot.


The Seahawks ultimately clinched the 7th seed and will face the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday.