Jets WR Elijah Moore Told Offensive Coordinator TO “F-ck Off” During Midseason Altercation

The New York Jets 2022 season will be summed up by their shortcomings on offense. The team was stacked with talent on both sides of the ball but never got it figured out offensively and it ultimately led to them missing the playoffs and firing offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

The entire season was a ball of frustration for offensive players including wide receiver Elijah Moore, who requested a trade during the season. He wasn’t traded but a recent report from  Zach Rosenblatt of The Athletic illustrates that Moore’s issue wasn’t just with the quarterback situation but with LaFluer.

In his report, Rosenblatt says Moore had a fallout with the Jets offensive coordinator which led to Moore telling LaFluer to “go f-ck himself.”

“His frustration spilled into practice that week. That Thursday, Moore surprised teammates and coaches by blowing up on LaFleur, telling him to ‘go f— yourself’ and ‘you suck,’ according to multiple people who witnessed the interaction. LaFleur and Saleh ultimately decided to send Moore home to cool off. That night, he requested a trade,” Rosenblatt wrote in The Athletic.


LaFluer’s tenure with the Jets is over and one has to wonder if Moore could be on the trade block this off-season.