An Insane NY Jets Fan Actually Got Himself A ‘Super Bowl 58 Champs’ Tattoo

The 2022 season started out as such a promising season for the New York Jets and their fans but it came crashing down as the team saw a 7-4 start turn into a 7-10 season after they lost six straight games to close out the season.

The main issue for the Jets was something that has haunted them for years.. the quarterback position.

If the Jets can finally figure out the quarterback situation, they will win a lot of games in 2023 because their team is super talented and that has fans confident.

Maybe a little too confident.


The Jets have missed the playoffs for 12 straight seasons. The last time they made the playoffs was 2010. Their current drought is the longest in the NFL. Despite 2022’s rough finish, the Jets should feel optimistic with some of their young talent. Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall (when he returns from injury), and Sauce Gardner all look like the real deal.

The defense was also among the best in football. Owner Woody Johnson thinks getting a veteran quarterback could be the missing piece to get his squad over the hump.

One fan took matters into their own hands and made a decision that he might regret.. might:

That’s bold. Very bold.