Micah Parsons Denies Taking Shot At Dak Prescott With Tweet About Remaining QBs In Playoffs

Dallas Cowboys superstar linebacker Micah Parsons is taking the loss to the 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round really hard.

In response to a video of Bills general manager Brandon Beane pointing out the difficulties of the salary cap and the financial advantages of that teams with quarterbacks on rookie contracts, Parsons pointed out that three of the four remaining teams all have a quarterback who is in-fact on a rookie contract, giving teams to the ability to surround them with top talent.

This is a good point — Brock Purdy is on his rookie deal, Bengals’ Joe Burrow and Eagles’ Jalen Hurts are both on their rookie contracts which has allowed the Bengals and Eagles to surround their QBs with top-notch talent. But many thought that this wasn’t just an observation by Parsons but rather a shot at Dak Prescott, who is making $40 million per year.

Does Micah want the Cowboys to get rid of Dak? A lot of people speculated that but Parsons insisted that’s not what he meant as he clarified his comments on Twitter later in the day:


This is going to be an interesting offseason in Dallas.