CBS Executives Had To Sit Tony Romo Down For ‘Intervention’ To Address His Regression As Commentator

Back in 2017, CBS shelled out the largest contract in sportscasting history, a 10-year deal for a total of $180 million, for the golden boy Tony Romo, who as all the rage on the mic for NFL games.

His seemingly magical prognostication of plays that would be ran perfectly seconds after he said exactly what was going to happen combined with incredible insight proved refreshing for viewers who were used to hearing the same old stuff over and over.

During the last offseason, CBS Sports executives realized that the allure of Romo was wearing off slightly, and social media agreed. With fans tweeting that Romo was now somewhat annoying with his ramped “OOooooOH”s and “I don’t knowww Jim”s mixed with a cut back on insight, the top dogs at CBS felt compelled to meet with Romo for what’s been dubbed ‘an intervention’ to help him find a way to return to form and mesh better with broadcast partner, Jim Nantz.

Multiple people flew to Dallas to meet with Romo, and according to the New York Post, reviewed tapes with Romo and went to dinner.


This occurred prior to this season, and it appears (based on fan reaction) that it didn’t quite turn things around as CBS was expecting with the same happening and fans even pointing out that his constant drooling over star players (which fans already hate from other broadcasters) picked up.

Romo will be on call for Super Bowl LVIII next season.