Aaron Rodgers Hasn’t Decided If He Will Play In 2023, Will Undergo 4-Day Complete Darkness Isolation To Help Decide

Speculation around Aaron Rodgers and his future, or lack there of, in the NFL has started without the 2022-23 even have ended, and rumors are already swirling.

During a charity golf event this past weekend, Rodgers joked that he wouldn’t be joining the San Francisco 49ers, leaving the New York Jets, the Las Vegas Raiders, and remaining with the Packers as the two most favored and realistic options left, but with the Packers QB’s latest comments, he may just hang them up for good.

During his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show Tuesday, Rodgers noted that he currently contemplating whether he will play in 2023, and mentioned that he will undergo a four-day sensory deprivation retreat that will help clear his mind via complete darkness to help him decide.

In recent years, Rodgers has mentioned several wholistic medicine treatments he has learned of and begun doing to aid him in his life, this apparently being the newest of them.