Roger Goodell Gives Weirdly Huge Hug To Chiefs’ Chris Jones After Win, Tells Him “I Don’t Care How You Hit The QB”

While Super Bowl 57 was overall a massive success with a fantastic, high-powered shootout with some of the league’s biggest stars, there were still some blemishes on this year’s big game.

Despite Roger Goodell going on record last week stating that the league’s officiating has never been better, the end of the Super Bowl left a sour taste in many’s mouths after an undeniably ticky-tak holding penalty that an official could theoretically be called on every down if they wished, set up Kansas City for a game-winning field goal.

Speaking of every down, players from both sides were slipping and sliding around the State Farm Stadium field all night long, with workers needing to come out during halftime and repair massive divots in the $800,000 field which took two years to grow that proved to bean absolute disaster.

Lastly, Roger Goodell was filmed giving Chiefs’ Chris Jones a massive bear hug after the game, as if he was almost rooting for the Chiefs. Though Goodell has always been a ‘players commissioner’ with dap-ups and embraces during the NFL draft year in and year out, the extended hug seemed strange and even worse, his comments to Jones after their hug were concerning.

Goodell, who was been preaching player safety, especially in regard to the QB, said into Jones’ ear that he could “hit the quarterback whoever he wanted.”

Just weird.

Rightfully so, fans were pissed off.