REPORT: Panthers Open To Trading Down From 1st Overall Pick After Trading For Top Spot With Bears

Panthers fans down bad right now.

After giving up an absolute haul to the Bears on Friday in order trade up from the 9th pick to the 1st overall pick, the Panthers could be on their way down.

Essentially, at the 9th spot, the Panthers felt as if they would strike out on perhaps all four top QB prospects in this year’s draft in Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson, so they traded all the way up to the top spot. But it appears as if the Panthers don’t quite have it down pact who they are taking with that pick, and may trade down in order to still have their guy if it turns out to be Will Levis or Anthony Richardson, who are the two lower projected of the four.

It’s not often for a franchise to trade up to leverage their future to trade up to the top pick without the exact guy in mind they want to draft.