Richard Sherman Blames Patrick Mahomes & Josh Allen For Lamar Jackson’s Contract Situation

Many people are blaming Lamar Jackson not having an agent as the main reason why he hasn’t received a new contract extension but Richard Sherman is pointing at something else.

The former All-Pro cornerback turned media personality gave his opinion on the Lamar contract drama and said that Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are somewhat at fault for Jackson’s issues because they didn’t secure a fully guaranteed contract when they were negotiating their extensions.

“When Kirk Cousins got his guaranteed deal, I thought quarterbacks from then on were gonna be like ‘if it ain’t guaranteed, I ain’t taking it. Then [Patrick] Mahomes took that BS deal, 10 years, and wanted it to like half a [billion]. When he didn’t set it, then Josh Allen didn’t set it,” Sherman explained.

Mahomes received $141 million guaranteed while Allen received $150 million guaranteed.

Jackson hasn’t used an agent during negotiations with the Ravens, and it was reported earlier this week that a representative not certified by the NFL Players Association had contacted other clubs on Jackson’s behalf regarding a possible deal. The guy apparently let teams know the signal-caller “is ready to move on from” Baltimore.

On Thursday, the NFL sent a memo to teams telling them not to negotiate with a person named Ken Francis about Jackson’s status.

Jackson can sign an offer sheet with a different club. Baltimore would have five days to match that offer or accept two first-round draft picks in return for Jackson.