Lamar Jackson Reportedly Wants To Be A New England Patriot

The NFL Owners Meetings took place today in Arizona Monday, and in a clearly carefully orchestrated move, disgruntled Ravens QB Lamar Jackson publicly stated that he had requested a trade earlier this month.

Baltimore, who franchised tagged their star QB, is unwilling to pay Jackson the guaranteed money he think she deserves, citing various bullet points such as Desahaun Watson’s fully guaranteed contract being a red hearing and time spent sidelined due to injury, and now apparently Jackson wants out.

Though Jackson has made it apparent he wants to play elsewhere, nearly all of the teams in need of a QB for next season have publicly stated that they are out on him, which leaves the two parties at a stalemate.

One new bit of information we do have it a look at where Jackson wants to end up, after it was revealed that Jackson’s friend, Rapper Meek Mill, texted good buddy of his Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots of course, that Jackson wants to end up in Foxoboro.

Kraft reportedly told Meek Mill that it would be Bill Belichick’s decision.

The news should appease Patriots fans who are looking at a predicament where if the Jets land Aaron Rodgers, where they find themselves in last place in the division with Mac Jones at QB, who hasn’t shown any signs of stardom.

It will be up to Belichick, who ironically has been burned by Lamar Jackson numerous times in recent years, if the team wants to trade likely two first round picks and give Jackson the money he’s looking for – not exactly the most Bill Belichick-type move.