Henry Ruggs Accepts Plea Deal For Only 3-10 Years For Killing Woman & Dog While Driving Drunk

Henry Ruggs likely dreamed of signing a long term deal, but we don’t think this is exactly what he was envisioning.

The former emerging Raiders star WR’s career was abruptly cut short when after drinking at a Las Vegas Top Golf, decided to not only drive home drunk, but race home at 156 mph. The decision lead to Ruggs nailing another vehicle, killing its occupants which were 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog in the fire that ensued.

Despite the heinous act, Ruggs won’t serve as much time as one would expect.

A Las Vegas judge accepted the 24-year-old’s plea bargain Wednesday that will have him in jail for a maximum of only a decade and out as early as Ruggs is 27.

 Ruggs’ year and a half spent on house arrest will not be considered time served.