Chase Claypool Spotted Modeling In Bizarre Fashion Show Amid Bears Growing Frustration With His Work Ethic

The Chicago Bears traded a second-round pick (No. 32 overall) for Chase Claypool during the 2022 trade deadline, hoping that he would recapture the form that made him a standout rookie.

Months later, the Bears are realizing why the Steelers traded him.

During an appearance on ESPN 1000, Marc Silverman said Claypool isn’t where the Bears want him to be and there are significant concerns with his work ethic.

“All I can tell you is it isn’t trending in a way that the Bears have wanted it to trend in this offseason. I have heard from a few people inside that building that he is not somebody who is very self-motivated. There’s a long way to go. Chase Claypool can change the narrative”

Claypool must prove himself in training camp. Chicago acquired DJ Moore to step in as its No. 1 receiver this season and wideout Darnell Mooney is now healthy. The Bears are also very high on rookie Tyler Scott, a 2023 fourth-round pick who is expected to play a role in the offense as a vertical threat this season.


It doesn’t seem like these concerns are impacting Claypool much as the 24-year-old wide receiver was spotted modeling in a bizarre fashion show as the Bears frustration with him grows: