Rob Gronkowski Says Baby Gronk’s Father Has Sent Him Over 500 Messages & Will Send Cease And Desist Letter

Former All-Pro NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski is not a fan of “Baby Gronk.”

During an interview with Barstool Sports, Gronkowski talked about how “Baby Gronk” and his father have “gone too far,” and it’s getting to the point where he might have to send a cease and desist letter.

Gronkowski said, via Dhani Joseph of the New York Post:

“Yeah, it’s to a point where it’s awkward. It’s too far. Four weeks ago, my brother told me, ‘Yo, have you seen Baby Gronk?’ ‘Did I see him? ‘ I go, ‘His dad hit me up 500 times already.’ He goes, ‘Don’t do anything.’ The dad is so annoying. And this was like five, six weeks ago. And then all of a sudden, two weeks later, it’s coming out everywhere. My brother died laughing.”

He added: “We are cease-and-desisting Baby Gronk’s dad.”

Madden San Miguel, aka ‘Baby Gronk’, is a 10-year old viral football/social media sensation that has gained over 300,000 followers thanks to his father, Jake San Miguel, who manages his social media accounts and his son’s persona.

The elder San Miguel, who has marketed his son as the next big thing in football, has drawn immense criticism in recent weeks for exploiting his son, which was on full display when he was feeding him answers during a podcast appearance earlier this month:

His father also said in an interview with The Athletic’s Ari Wasserman that he had a “plan” for his son since before he was born and that it is just playing out now with the collaborations, advertisements and endorsements.

“I used to be in the music industry. I already knew how to market and promote and work the internet. I knew what I was doing. I was a high school star — like the Boobie Miles story (in “Friday Night Lights”) — but I know how to train kids and make kids good at sports,” San Miguel said. “I knew my son was going to be pretty good at sports because he was going to be around it. I put the music industry with the athlete and I saw the NIL was coming and I saw the climate was changing. … I’m pretty good at this internet stuff.”

Baby Gronk’s father won’t be happy with Gronk’s reaction to his persona, but the four-time Super Bowl champion’s comments and feelings echo what many have been thinking about the social media sensation.