Titans RB Hassan Haskins Arrested After He Allegedly Strangled His Girlfriend For Liking Another Man’s Photo On Instagram

Tennessee Titans running back Hassan Haskins was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation stemming from a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend back on June 22nd.

Haskins was booked Thursday in Davidson County (TN) and was released later in the day after he posted bail – $10,000.

According to police records, Hassan Haskins observed his girlfriend, Makiah Green, ‘like’ an Instagram photo of another man at around on June 22. The two argued, and she began to throw his shoes onto the floor, causing him to be angered and demand she stops touching his things. When she didn’t stop, he reportedly pushed her to the ground, causing an injury to the back of her head.

She claims he then pulled her from the closet as she fought back and tossed her onto the bed, where he strangled her with both hands for 10-15 seconds. Once he let go of the stranglehold on her, the two exchanged slaps and continued the physical confrontation. He eventually threw her to the ground, where she fell atop a dog crate and was strangled a second time. He fled the home shortly after, and she took photos of bruises to her face, neck, and shoulder which she provided to police. 


Another incident then occurred on June 29th when the couple were at a restaurant. Haskins allegedly left the restaurant, leaving her to wait for an Uber to return home. When Green returned home, she allegedly threw a glass at him, shattering it, and then locked herself inside bedroom. She says Haskins kicked and punched through the door, breaking it in half, so he could enter. During the altercation, Green allegedly ripped a $5,000 chain from his neck, breaking it.

Green was also jailed and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and felony vandalism. She posted $7,500 bond and was released.

Haskins is scheduled for a court appearance on July 10 in front of Davidson County Judge Ana Escobar.

The Titans selected Haskins in the fourth round of the 2022 draft. The second-year running back had 25 carries for 93 yards and 11 reception for 57 yards last season.

In a statement to ScoopNashville: The Titans management said they are aware of the situation and gathering additional information.