REPORT: There Is ‘Tension’ Growing Between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft

Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are two of the most important reasons why the New England Patriots have become a dynasty and one of the NFL’s premier franchises.

The head coach and owner have combined for six NFL championships, all coming within the last 25 years.

But in recent years — since the departure of Tom Brady — the Patriots have largely become an afterthought when there have been discussions about NFL contenders and according to NBC Sports Mike Florio, the lack of success has grown some “tension” between Belichick and Kraft.

Florio adds that Belichick’s job security could hinge on the team’s success this season.


“At some point, a sufficient stretch of failure wipes out a history of excellence,” Florio said, noting that New England has yet to win a playoff game since Brady’s departure in 2020.

“At some point, the past will have faded from the rear-view mirror. At some point, Kraft will decide to turn the page.”

Kraft hasn’t openly discussed whether Belichick is on the hot seat, but recent comments indicate that he wants the team to get back to its winning ways.

Kraft recently said that winning a seventh Super Bowl title would be a satisfactory outcome for this season.

 It’s unlikely that he would choose to move on from Belichick if that doesn’t happen, but another missed postseason could inspire an unexpected move.