Panthers RB Miles Sanders Believes Andy Dalton Is A ‘Future Hall of Fame’ Quarterback

Andy Dalton signed with the Panthers this past offseason, and he’s already left a positive impression on his new teammates in Carolina.

Miles Sanders, who also joined the Panthers this off-season, had some really nice things to say about the Panthers new veteran quarterback.

“These guys work, and that’s the main thing I’ve noticed in OTAs,” Sanders said about his new teammates on WFNZ’s Mac and Bone radio show.

“We got a very, very good young quarterback that’s being mentored by a very, very, very good quarterback, a future Hall of Famer Andy Dalton—who I have a lot of respect for.”


That’s some really high praise for Dalton, who has had a good NFL career. The 35-year-old has played for several teams (Bengals, Cowboys, Bears, Saints, Panthers) and made multiple playoff appearances in the playoffs and has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times in his 12 year career.

But Hall of Fame QB? Yeah, that’s a bit head-scratching.

Dalton will likely be the bridge or backup quarterback to No. 1 overall pick Bryce Young. So far, as Sanders mentioned, Dalton has been a great mentor to Young.