CRAZY STORY: Johnny Manziel’s Dad Faked A Heart Attack So He Could Avoid Taking A Drug Test At NFL Combine

The new Johnny Manziel documentary UNTOLD: Johnny Football was released on Netflix this week, and it’s wilder than you could imagine.

The documentary takes us into life of Manziel and how is career and life went off the rails. The documentary includes commentary from his former agent, Erik Burkhardt and some of Manziel’s friends and parents.

One of the more insane stories that came out of the documentary involved Manziel having to ditch the NFL Combine in 2014 so he could avoid taking a drug test.

Burkhardt, who represented the QB, revealed that he made Manziel take weekly drug tests leading up to the combine and Manziel remained clean up until the last week before falling back into his bad partying habits.


With the event a few days away, Johnny called Erik to let him know that he had messed up and wasn’t sure he would be able to pass the Combine’s drug test as he didn’t even know how he got where he was when he woke up.

The agent came up with a plan to have Manziel’s father fake a heart attack and have himself hospitalized so the QB could leave the Combine early. You could check out his explanation right below:

The Cleveland Browns would end up drafting Manziel as the 22nd overall pick in 2014. He played just 14 games before they released him.

The doc, Untold: Johnny Football, launched on Netflix on August 8.