Bengals Owner Pretty Much Confirms They Won’t Be Able To Keep Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase And Tee Higgins

Bengals fans better enjoy the trio of Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins while they can because based on recent comments from owner Mike Brown, this will likely be the last year with the three together.

Burrow has two years left on his rookie deal, and Chase will have three remaining when the Bengals eventually pick up his fifth-year option on his rookie contract next year. But Higgins, who Cincinnati selected in the second-round of the 2020 Draft, is entering the final season of his rookie deal.

Per ESPN’s Ben Baby, Brown told reporters at the Bengals’ media luncheon that they won’t be able to pay all of their star players. As well, he decided not to speak on contract negotiations with the star quarterback:

“We have some good players that need to be fed. That’s a challenge. It’s mathematical. You get a bag of corn and you have 10 hogs. Well, you’re going to put that out to them. The bag’s going to be empty. And some of them aren’t going to get it…

I have bound myself not to talk about Joe’s contract. I don’t think it’s helpful for the negotiations. The other side has made the same commitment and they have not broken it.”

It’s important to note that throughout his tenure as the Bengals owner, Brown has garnered the reputation of being incredibly cheap. But there’s no chance the Bengals let Burrow go and they will probably like to keep Chase too, which leaves Higgins as the odd man out.


The other WR – Tyler Boyd – is also entering the final year of his contract and could be kept on a contract that’ll presumably be a lot cheaper that what Higgins is seeking.

The Bengals will open their 2023 season with a road game against the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 10.