Ja’Marr Chase Filed Restraining Order Against Woman Who’s Harassing Him Over Paternity Claims And Domestic Abuse

Cincinnati Bengals star WR Ja’Marr Chase has filed a temporary restraining order against an ‘unhinged and disturbing’ woman who claims to be the mother of his child, according to TMZ Sports.

Chase is reportedly seeking a court-ordered protection against Ambar Hunter, who he admits to having a one-night stand with before she allegedly began harassing him and his mother. TMZ does not name the court where Chase filed the protective order. A search of Hamilton county courts in Ohio did not yield any information.

The “one-night stand” allegedly took place in 2021. Chase claims she hasn’t left him alone since then, with the most recent harassment happening last month. Hunter is claiming that Chase is the father of her child and “is spinning web of lies about being a victim of domestic violence.. he says no law enforcement agency has found her to be credible,” per TMZ.

She’s gone as far as posting his mother’s phone number on social media, leading to harassment from strangers.